3 Ways To Find Peace of Mind Amid Covid-19

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I was born in the middle of the Twentieth Century and grew up in the 1950s era. Growing up in rural Mississippi delta land afforded me rich memories of a time of peace and harmony that I wish for in 2020 while dealing with the pandemic situation. Realizing that my peaceful past is dead and gone and the future of technology is here alive and kicking is somewhat disappointing.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate technology, but too much technology is just that…too much. Too much to where it can cause a person to experience brain overload, memory loss, chaos and overuse the “real quick” phrase. But ultimately, it’s up to an individual to draw the line on how much technology one allows to enter your life.

The answer is yes and no. There are some apps which can turn on and off a variety of devices, so you don’t have to move your body. With this kind of help, you may get more done. But at what expense to your health? Yes, I appreciate technology in many ways, but to have good health, peace of mind, it’s vital to use technology in moderation with your emotional and physical needs.

So, with that being said, I’ve adopted the mindset of keeping “It Simple”. I'm always honing my lifestyle on ways to keep my life as simple as I know how, using a variety of tools and strategies.

First, I take care of my health. Good health affords me freedom, emotionally and financially. It’s good practice to research the food you eat. As I believe and many others, food is your medicine. Be careful what you put into your body.

Even though I’m not a health nut, I try to do everything in balance. I prefer to grow my own food, but I still shop at Walmart and Kroger for groceries. I don’t believe in Organic foods, because how can we trust the label “organic” to be true? There’s no assurance that the wind hasn’t blown pesticides from nearby farms to organic farms. But I do raise my own plants with natural fertilizer and use soapy garlic water to control bugs and virus.

Self discipline is the key to good health and freedom. No matter who you are, you need nutrition, rest, and exercise to be healthy. I could write a book on these three facts (maybe later on I will) but for now let’s discuss self-discipline and good health more in depth.

First, be aware of temptation. Almost every little town in America has a fast food place where you can pick up something ready to eat in 5 minutes or less. Without knowing who cooked the food, what chemicals are being used and so forth. But our hunger is temporarily satisfied, so we can hurry and move on to the next thing. “Real quick”.

Why not carry a little snack in your pocket and water to carry you through those little nagging hunger pains? Or could it be nervous tension you’re experiencing rather than hunger? Did you know drinking large amounts of water kills hunger? Ice water works even better.

Second, keep your financial house in order. It’s best to spend less than we make, but that’s easier said than done. Media and advertising genius’ forces us to believe we need to wear the latest fashions, drive expensive cars, watch the biggest screen t. v. and the list goes on. Credit is easy to sign up for… even tempting us to get cash back from spending more. Really?

But I’m saying all this to stress the point that spending less, owning fewer things, having less to take care of will give us more freedom and less worry. This tactic will help us achieve better health, save money and time from frequenting the doctor’s office.

How do we gain the skills to disciple our fast food habits and spend less money than we make?

Will it hurt me to skip a meal? How bad will I suffer? Or on the flip side, will I strengthen my mind and immune system by denying myself fast food? Be mindful of all these options and choose one and test it out on yourself. See how you feel. It may surprise you how self-discipline can change your life leading you to a more peaceful lifestyle.

Photo by Cade Renfroe on Unsplash

With predictions of an expected economic crisis related to covid-19, it’s a good idea to practice life-style change habits. I want to encourage you to try different methods to create a simple lifestyle and realize your creative potential to carve out a less-stressed peaceful life for yourself. Just Be Happy!

Thanks for reading!

I’m a content creator, an entrepreneur, RV camper enthusiast, and I write about productivity and mental health. I love connecting with like-minded people.

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