6 Signs That You Are An Introvert

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This country is getting too crowded to be comfortable. With that said, I prefer to limit myself being out in crowds or socializing with too many people. It’s comforting to me to just treasure my alone time, where I can write and read and do other crafts of my choice.

As a child, I always knew I had socializing limitations, because I enjoyed sitting alone with my cat or creating new projects that I found interesting. Most of the time being around a crowd made me feel uncomfortable. I was afraid of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

But eventually after I grew up, my confidence began to blossom and I developed more patience to interact with others.

Yes! It’s perfectly fine. You may be better off if you are introverted. Let me explain. First, the most common definition of an introvert is someone who gets drained by socializing and recharges by being alone. That’s me.

We’re shaped by our life experiences. If you’re your parents, teachers or others encouraged quiet, thoughtful ways, you probably grew up feeling confident in who you are. I did.

I sometimes get aggravated by small talk, even though it may be necessary. “Hello” “How are you?” Fine, I say. Sounds like a rehearsal (and it is) because I’ve said it a thousand times in my life. If I’m spoken to I don’t want to feel stuck-up. It’s just good manners to respond with a pleasant demeanor. So, I do.

But as I age, small talk becomes somewhat of a nuisance. Now give me an engaging, intellectual conversation; and I’ll be happy and contented.

Some introverts need only a little bit of alone time to recharge and can handle a fair amount of social time before feeling drained. That’s me.

  1. You enjoy spending time alone. Most introverts enjoy social time too, but all introverts enjoy the solitude of spending time alone.
  2. You do your best work alone. Introverts rarely work well in crowded environments. The more secluded you are, the more likely you are to focus deeply and produce great word. YOu may feel more creative, focused, or productive, or you may do more in a shorter time.
  3. You’d rather hand out with a few close friend, than a large group of people. Introverts like to socialize. Sitting with a few close friends, you may enjoy talking all night, and you may even appear extroverted. For whatever reason, these types of interactions don’t drain you the way others do.
  4. You have a vivid, rich inner world. You spend a lot of time daydreaming or reflecting on your life. Or you might just prefer to think things through before you act.
  5. You prefer to stay out of the spotlight. Introverts are creatives and performers and some even love getting on stage. Others even like to speak in front of audiences all the time. But if your natural inclination is to avoid group participation, you may be an introvert.
  6. You’re better at writing your thoughts than speaking them. If writing something is more comfortable than saying it in person, it’s a strong sign you’re an introvert.
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If you are an introvert, I can understand you well, because I am one myself. I enjoy being alone to write or focus on a task. Distractions get me off course easily and I find myself having to start all over to get a task completed correctly.

I’m a content creator, an entrepreneur, RV camper enthusiast, and I write about productivity and mental health. I love connecting with like-minded people.

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