A Co-Worker Love Story

My co-workers are the best, most-loving and considerate human beings that I could ever meet.

Photo by Joshua Eckstein on Unsplash

I’m a Special Education teacher working for an Alternative Middle School in Shreveport, Louisiana. Most of our student body and staff are African Americans. Even though I’m an older white woman, I’m good for the environment.

Let me explain!

Most of our student body are sent to us by court order for various behavior problems such as possession of illegal drugs, fighting and bringing weapons to school. Most of these children range in ages from 12–16 years.

The majority of our students are very disrespectful and angry. Our job is to teach them the common core curriculum and social skills. Even though I understand the black culture very well, I’m able to influence kids to be polite and grateful with the help of our staff. I'm always reminding kids to be thankful. It’s a continuous reminding process, but I’m seeing positive results.

As a team (26 in all) we work well together, even though dealing with behavior problems all day, none of my co-workers ever snap at each other. Instead we embrace one another and offer help when needed. There’s no arguing or complaining among staff members. We all do our job with love and kindness.

Yes, everyone gets stressed out by the end of the day. But we all come back to work bright and early the next morning. At about 7:20 we form a circle in the hallway and pray. Children witness us praying and some learn from our actions that we trust in God to lead and guide us throughout the day.

As a result from praying, we are better able to handle the rigor of our job teaching students who aren’t interested in learning. Our patience greatly influences negative behavior to change into positive behavior.

I blame it on the act of love between my co-workers. We have an amazing team who are grateful and humble, despite the unruly students that we serve.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my story. I’m not sure which publication I should put it in, but I would like to get some suggestions from my readers, so that I can write more stories like this.

I’m a content creator, an entrepreneur, RV camper enthusiast, and I write about productivity and mental health. I love connecting with like-minded people.

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